Why VB's

Our Features

"Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army."

  1. * Individual attention will be given to each student for clearing doubts, improving    presentation and writing speed.
  2. * Difficulty solving session will be arranged regularly to clear individual difficulties    and pending doubts.
  3. * Emphasis will be given on problem solving techniques, especially shortcuts for    solving MCQs.
  4. * Study material comprises of more than 15000 MCQs covering the entire syllabus.
  5. * Regular Test followed by doubt solving helps students to make the concept crystal    clear and improve the performance in second round of the tests.

Our Expertise


VB's faculty is a team of stalwarts in their respective subject and highly committed to the cause of students welfare. Our professors inculcate the importance of discipline, determination and dedication in the students to achieve their cherished goal.


Our study material is authentic, lucid and to the point. Elaborative and easy notes unmatched in quality and with all possible questions, help student to be conceptually strong by practice.


Periodical tests conducted weekly have less portion. Hence, it gives rigourous practice and makes the base very strong and clear. The frequency, difficulty level and syllabus of tests increases gradually and student goes on excelling in systematic manner (without any burden).

IC Batch

From the Top Rankers, we select students (90 % above in our tests) from our batches (std. XII & CET) on the basis of periodical tests for more exhaustive coaching. Special training is imparted to these selected students with emphasis on skill and perfection for attempting the Board Exams and MHT-CET.


Extensive reference books and textbooks for self study along with multiple MCQ Solving books to give a wider exposure to our students. Students are provided with library facility to exlore the books other than sanctioned text books and hence grow strong in concepts. We also encourage the students to make use of our study room, in their free time, maintaining proper discipline and silence for reference purpose.

Parents’ Meeting & Counselling

While we have an efficient system of closely monitoring the progress of each student, we value the equal responsiblity of parents for the same. Hence, we analyze performance of student, alongwith parents in Parents’ meeting. We keep parents updated with our functioning and methodology, so that they can play a vital role in student’s academic developement.