Course Details


Fundamental Course is basically a Bridge or Connecting link at the crucial stage where students are on the turning point of their academic life. It is essential to cross-over the gap between the pre-requisites for competitive exams and the pattern of school education. After getting generalized education at Xth Board level, students are now a step ahead to enter into a zone of specialized & competitive education, which in turn will become their career. In keeping with the requirements of X Board exams, students were required to memorize subject matter and present it only in a prescribed format. On the other hand, various competitive National level entrance exams, are not so much test of memory and presentations, but these are indeed, test of student's understanding of underlying concepts and require special preparations.

The general concepts of Math's & Science which might be the key or roots for the National Level Entrance Exam will be strengthen and thus this course will greatly aptitude and interest for science and math's and enhance analytical thinking and conceptual knowledge which will prove advantageous for entire academic and professional life!