Dear Students / Parents,
You all must be aware of the fact that only few things happen by chance.To succeed in any field you require metculous planning dedication & hard work.
When a man build a house, he does not make it up just by desire or by chance. For that he follows a blue print of a plan and then construction goes on step by step.
Every body has inherent bussing desire to excel in the field of their intrest but only few are able to achieve the goal.The failure is not just due to lack of ambition or effort or dedication but lack of inarticulate planning and lack of knowledge.
With the increasing competition it has become obligatory to enroll your name only in the best collage of the city.It is here that we have realized,how much the students bank on their professors to help them at this significant turning point in their life.
It is a well known fact that students aspiring for Medicine. Engineering or any other professional courses have to face a competitive world today. So it is necessary to enhance the potential possessed by him / her to create their own identity and excel in their academic performance.
H.S.C. is a crucial and turning point in your life and career. At this juncture, we are putting before you certain facts and guidelines to ensure that you take correct step forward for a promising and bright career. First step in this direction is to make that basic concepts clear in Std. XI do that it will facilities greater understanding of the subjects during Std. XII & NEET / JEE mains. The next step is to get very good score in NEET / JEE mains examinations to secure admission for Medicine Engineering.
The preparation, the practice, the planning, the punctuality and psychological confidence boosting are the prerequisites that lead to success!
With the above in view, one particular subject will be taught by two/three professors only. This will provide the teachers with enhanced productivity and interaction with the students. This also helps the teacher to discuss and point out the mistakes committed by each student and make them perfect in all respects to achieve the goal of high percentage.
With regards,
Bhavesh Nagda

Our History

"The Best way to predict your Future is to create it."

VB’s was established on 25th August, 1997 at Mulund under the guidance of Prof. Bhavesh. A very small institute, with one centre and 120 odd students, has now grown exponentially into a big organization not only excelling in academic life but also developing their potential. This voyage of success has certainly witnessed, rather demanded, hard work, patience, dedication and detemination of all !! As it is a well known fact, that right approach gives right results,we at VB’s, with an objective to promote excellence in education, focus on quality & hardwork and hence are rest assured for the results. With that confidence and proud, we assure you that this saga of progress will continue year after year !

Our Objective

"Karmanye vaa dhikaaraste Maa faleshu Kadachana……”"

Right approach gives right results : We believe in above philosophy of Gita. If process is perfect, results are bound to be perfect !
Tougher mind with softer heart : We are tougher when it comes to discipline but soft when it comes to nurturing.
Developing all round personality : We believe in imparting both knowledge and skills required to become successful in one’s academic career and life ! With that right and positive attitude, we guide students not only to excel in educational life but also to develope their overall potential.